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Aug 20, 2014

I’m a 28 year old male from the US. I have been playing off and on since I was 18. I have been a long term sub and also have had short term play and have also done random tasks given to me. I’m no longer looking for a serious long term relationship but I am looking for something more casual. I do have a girlfriend and she knows I play on here and is okay with me serving a dom on my free time.

What I’m looking for:

I’m looking for a casual dom (male or female) that can give me tasks for the day or even for the week. If you are a strict dom and need constant responses and updates I’m probably not the right sub for you and that is okay. There will be times where I can play for hours at a time and sometimes I can’t play that day but you will be told ahead of time. I want this to be fun for both parties. The times I can do tasks is while I am at work for 9 hours and a couple of hours when I get home from work. Weekends will pretty much always change for the times I can play.

What I am into:

I like my Doms to keep me on edge. I love the idea of edging but I am terrible at it. I looking for a dom who will basically keep me in panties, edging constantly, and ruining almost every orgasm I am allowed. You will receive videos of the tasks and orgasms to keep me accountable and I want to be punished if I do not do those tasks. I’m also into verbal humiliation and degrading. I’m into a few other things we can get into if you decide you want to respond to this request. I am open to trying new things but I have been doing this for sometime now and I do know what I like and I don’t like. I have also been thinking about exposer a lot lately. Maybe once I trust you I will allow you to make a Twitter about me. We will see.

I am not into pee, poop, illegal, family, pain, blood, body writing, anything that will leave long term marks. I will do anal occasionally but that will only be when I want to.

I am looking forward to hearing from someone hopefully. If you are looking for the same things as me or very similar please feel free to kik me at brom9876

I also have a Twitter @sub4all69 if you want to see kind of what I’m into https://mobile.twitter.com/Sub4all69

Thank you!

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