28F seeking online master or mistress to verbally abuse me and humiliate and degrade me with tasks. Make me feel dumb and degraded!


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Feb 2, 2015
My kik is OnlineHumiliateSlve. My Skype is live:b.harris346 I am looking for a master or mistress to berate and belittle me online.

Make me feel completely brainless, destroy my self esteem, insult my intelligence, gaslight me, make me feel stupid and dumb and verbally abuse me online! Be as mean as you can, I’ll tell you if it is too much for me! I would love to do degrading and humiliating tasks in sessions when I am free as well. Please call me names, talk down to me, and make me feel as stupid as possible!

I am usually busy on weekends but I’m free most days after work around 4EST and I can chat when I can at work as well! My likes limits and what I'm looking for in a master are on my blog! I DO NOT send pics or videos it’s a hard limit! I hope to hear back soon! Thank you so much!
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