A date turned into punishment


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Oct 19, 2017
Yesterday, Mistress and I had a date to celebrate our first pornhub video with 1′000 views. It’s a start!!

Mistress asked me to wait for her, naked, that she would arrive soon. My mind was challenged, because I had just received a new pair of stockings, and my pair of high heels. The plan was to make a surprise to my Mistress wearing them, as she had asked me on my birthday.

When I opened the box and saw the shoes, I got too excited: I put the stockings on, put the shoes on and waited for Mistress like this. After all, it was also a task she gave me.

Of course, I was thinking wrong… When she called me on Skype and found out I wasn’t naked and I had disobeyed, she got mad. I just ruined the date and turned it into a punishment session. Mistress made me fetch candles and a wooden spoon. Of course I had to do that wearing my high heels, as Mistress stated: “If you’re so craving to wear heels and stockings, you’re gonna keep the heels for the whole evening and sleep in them, and the stockings for the next two days!”.

I came back to my bedroom, Mistress had me light up a candle and in the meantime, pose for screenshots she was taking. She told me she loved the stockings and the heels, but that my timing was very poor, and that she had to teach me a lesson. Naked means naked. An order has to be obeyed, and surprises can always be kept for later.

As I was posing lying on the side, she had me spank my ass with the wooden spoon, until it turned a nice light red. She then asked me to stick my clit between my legs, and do the same I was doing, but to my balls. Now since day one, I’ve always told Mistress that spanking my balls was a limit. She’s always respected it, and I can always use my safeword. But at this time, I assumed I really needed a harsh punishment if Mistress decided so, and I didn’t want to disappoint her a second time in a day. I would use my safeword if it was too much. So I started spanking my balls. It hurt really badly, but I couldn’t stop doing it, as I saw Mistress’ smile of pride and satisfaction, happy to be educating me and teaching me a lesson.

After a dozen slaps, Mistress had me go on my back again and take the candles. The task was straightforward and clear: drop 4 full spurts of hot liquid wax on my freshly shaven pubis. It hurt like hell: that skin had never been smooth in over 15 years and was so delicate.

I thanked Mistress for educating me, apologized again, and struggled in my chastity cage as I saw her touch herself to an orgasm, and spent my night denied and in high heels.

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