A ghost in my ex room


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Jan 6, 2019
Just realized there was a paranormal section in this forum so id like to share some things that happened to me in my parents house. Theres no sex or bdsm involved but its something only a handful of my friends know.

The first strange thing that happened was when i was still sleeping with my brother in the same room, our printer started turning on at 3am each morning. It made so much noise that my brother and me awake from it so we decided to take the plug out.

Some years later i got my own room and at first everything was normal but when i got older and started going to bed past 2 am strange things started to happen. Everytime i went to sleep past 2am i felt as if there was someone with me and started touching me from my head to my shoulder as if it was trying to help me sleep. This happened for months until i realized it only happened past 2am.

It didnt felt scary really but it made me really uncomfortable being touched by something even it it felt like it was trying to help me sleep.

And another time it sit in my bed, i felt the bed going down by its weight and stayed there for some time, probably it wasnt too long but as it was the only time it did it i got really scared.

So my solution to this was going to sleep early even though there were times something woke me up almost between 3 and 4 am.

I still believe it was my grandfather as he used to live there, had a long illness that tied him to that room and all he wanted was to help even if it made me feel uncomfortable.

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