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Jul 9, 2020
Bondage doesn’t always mean loss of freedom but sometimes it also means freedom from the will, a total surrender to your master.

This book features bondage techniques for couples, submissives, and dominants. For people who are alone, this book also has several self-bondage techniques to play with yourself while having fun.

Things you must know before trying the taboo

Bondage is a technique to restrain a submissive/slave from movement and is usually done for a combined session of pain and pleasure.

In some places, it's considered to be a taboo and is not always advisable to try, experience or use the same on anyone but if used with defined limits and rules, bondage can be a great experience for both the submissive and dominant, and can add a flavor in your sex lie.

The methods shown in the book are performed by experts and readers are advised not to try it before summarising every positive and negative aspect of it. The positions shown in the latter part of the book may bring immense pain and stress to the subject. It can even hurt you in unknown ways so if you have a partner, do let them understand that your body may not be fit enough for the below techniques, but it can be used for just a different experience rather than a routine.

Easy Surrender

Category: Dominant - Submissive

Stress Level: 3

Use: Surrender

1. Easy Surrender.png

Technique & Use:

This position is for couples trying to play dominant-submissive. Here the elbows of submissive are bond together behind the back, with wrists also tied, and the legs, ankles, and knees also restrained together.

The elbows, as shown, are tied behind the shoulder with such force that the submissive is unable to use hands to cover her/him from any whip or torment in frontal body. It’s a very classic bondage technique used to make the submissive surrender. It’s a pose commonly used by dominant to expose, tease, and discipline his/her submissive.

The Stress level, as mentioned above is 3, considering the pose is used for fun and sex only. It can go up to 4 if dominant gets more creative and tries to teach submissive a lesson for misbehaving or for being disobedient. No matter how stressed submissive gets, or how hard they try is, its almost an inescapable bondage.

Creative Note: This bondage can be used to tie him/her up for long hours, a punishment indeed.

Entertainment unit

Category: Dominant - Submissive

Stress Level: 2

Use: Play and Pleasure

2. Entertainment unit.png

Technique & Use:

Entertainment Unit is a very easy and common bondage position, without causing any kind of distress or pain to submassive. It doesn’t take much time and can be executed in minutes. Here the elbows are tied together like a box, whereas the legs are tied in such a way that the ankles touch the lower hips, and the upper-lower thighs are wrapped like a resting frog.

This style is commonly used to play with your submissive in whatever way dominant likes. The leg could be spread to the maximum limit, leaving the submissive with no option than to surrender her completely. Dominant can use this classic bondage to finger, tease, or even torment her delicate parts.

The stress level, however, is just 2, because this is an easy position and could last for even the entire night.

Creative Note: Get creative and tie her for a couple of hours, restricting her from touching herself, a sensual torment indeed.

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