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May 22, 2011
34 year old submissive male seeking a 25-27 year old dominant female

My name is joshua.

Im a 34 year old south aussie. Who lives in adelaide.

I am a manager out here so i have 24hr access to my phone (although i do have some meetings i need to attend.)

I have always been very dominate but have recently discovered a joy in being told what to do but a YOUNGER powerfully willed woman.

I am willing to try anything but cant afford to get fired or caught by my family. (Not ready for that)

Now to details

Full name: joshua
Age: 34
Timezone: adelaide +8/perth umm + 10?
Ultimate fantasy: worshipping and being owned on a one on one by a powerful woman in real life..

A list of your limits: arrested/ family/fired

A list of your likes:cumming. Veing rewarded for a task well done.; being privately humiliated.

One thing you've never tried but you'd like to:

I have only once been forced to wear womans panties and bra and insert a marker into my ass.. (i found i kinda liked it to my shame 😳)

A reason as to why I should train you as my slave

I am very obediant. .i am from aust.

I have heaps of spare time. To be able to answer.

You cant lose...if i fail to impress you could always ignore me.

I am the youngest of 4 children... 2 older sisters and one older brother..

i live alone in a 2 bed room flat

i perfer to use kik


if you have any question please feel free to direct them to kik.

thank you

  • Kinks:
humiliation; reward. being controlled

  • Experience:
very limitied. new to being a sub

  • Limits:
fired. arrested. losing job. money.