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Jan 12, 2015
I've noticed a few members keep copy and pasting the same ad every few days. If I can see your name and know what you posted or read your ad and know your name, other people can too. It's boring and unattractive.

1) SET YOURSELF APART FROM THE MASSES. Be creative. Be unique. Say something original. If your original ad didn't attract responses or what you were looking for the first 37 times you posted it, try changing it to draw someone's attention. Stop looking so desperate begging for the same thing repeatedly and often.

2) Yes, there are new members that join every day. Yes, everyone logs in everyday. THERE IS STILL NO REASON TO BUMP OR REPOST YOUR AD EVERY DAY OR TWO! It's more irritating than anything else to read the same thing over and over and over again. Posts are dated, anyone trying to find a relationship is going to look back further than today's posts. And if you're worried about missing existing members that have not logged in for a few days or maybe even weeks? You see that nifty little box in the upper right hand corner? It shows all the unread posts since you last logged on so people will have easy access to your post, even if you didn't bump or post it today or yesterday.

For the love of all things kinky, stop boring everyone with posting the same thing repeatedly or typing "bump".

Note: Post bumping is against website rules and can earn you a warning, infraction, or suspension. Sometimes staff makes allowances when you bring your OLD ads back to the top instead of creating a new one but doing it on recent ads will bring you negative attention from staff. Adding more/new information is the safest way to bring your post back to the top of the pile.


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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
Not the first time this has been said but never so well put!

Take note people, she knows what shes talking about.


I agree completely. It's very unattractive, and kinda seems desperate, when someone posts the same ad 15 times.