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Mar 12, 2017
I used the CB-6000 off and on for about 18 months. The longest span was about a month straight.

Device description: The CB-x series is made from a hard plastic/resin. There are no metal parts on the device itself. It can be divided into essentially two parts- the ring and the barrel, or cage. The CB-6000 comes with five rings of various sizes to accommodate the wearer. Each ring has a 'C-ring', along with two 'spanners'. One of the spanners has the guide pins hard attached. It also comes with five or six 'connector pins' (depending on the packaging) and spacers for ensuring the barrel stays a consistent distance from the ring. The barrel is roughly penis shaped with a large rectangular 'pee hole'. it points 'down' at about a 45deg angle relative to the ring. There may also be several holes along the barrel to allow better air flow and for ease of cleaning while wearing the device. Specifics may vary slightly between versions and production lots.

Instructions: 4/5- Slide the C-ring around the base of the package, between the body and scrotum. Insert the pinned spanner into the C-ring, ensuring the pins point away from the body. Slide the unpinned spanner onto the pins, seating it fully against the C-ring. *PINCH WARNING*. Insert the connector pin into the spanners, pointing away from the body. Slide the spacer onto the connector pin, seating it fully against the ring. Insert penis into the barrel and align the holes with the pins. Slide the barrel onto to pins and seat fully. *PINCH WARNING* Secure the device with a "luggage" sized padlock (included) or tamper evident seal (included).

Fit: 5/5- The device comes with a selection of sizes in both rings and spacers/connector pins, so can be customized easily. The barrel is slightly longer than the 3K model, but narrower. This is not normally a problem, since part of chastity is often training the wearer NOT to have erections.

Comfort: 5/5- Largely due to the ability to customize the fit. Once properly fitted, I would forget that I had it on until I had to pee or went to sleep and was awoken by the typical 'night wood'. After the third or fourth night of consistent wear, I was able to sleep through the night.

Durability: 2/5- it is plastic that has been glued together. the glue breaks down, the plastic wears or vulcanizes. I broke a ring after 13 months, and the barrel split on my after 18 months.

Cost/Value: 2/5- At $180, it is too much of an investment to have to replace every 12-18 months. While great for anyone doing lots of air travel, I do not think it should be considered for long term use.

Overall: 3/5- the cost vs durability is the only downside to this device. If it were less expensive so I did not mind replacing it every year, or- better yet- it lasted longer, I would give it a solid 5.

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