Colorado: Hooters and Scooters


Not so kinky
  • Straight
  • Male
  • Dominant
Aug 10, 2009
date: Friday, October 02, 2009
time: 08:00 PM to 02:00 AM
where: The Enclave
address: 6040 E. 50th Ave.
cost: Members $10, Non-members $15 (cash)
dress code: Fetish wear encouraged but not mandatory.


Before summer's last days leave our memory and the cold bite of winter's touch starts to haunt us, we need to break out the BIG toys! Before you put that beautiful bike away for the winter months. A Bike Show (WEATHER PERMITTING)!

This is for all you folks that like motorcycles or have a motorcycle. If you are proud of it and would like to show it off, you may register on the night of. The Bike Show will take place in the Main Room. Be sure to Shine up that chrome and rev up those engines, it's time to celebrate your bikes with HOOTERS & SCOOTERS.

Ladies, you know you want to feel 700 horsepower between your legs (and who would blame you?) but we have to balance the act a bit. Get those tight t-shirts out. You know the ones, three sizes smaller than you should consider wearing and with those ever-so-fashionable (but still street legal) holes in them.

The owner of the best bike and best hooters girl selected by the crowd to be the Best Bike.

NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO ATTEND! 8 pm to 2 am - Doors close at 11 pm for admission. Admission - Non Members $15 (cash only) Members $10

If you have a skill with any bdsm toy and want to share your knowledge, or, if you want to learn a new skill, come on down tonight to practice and share! Both upstairs and downstairs dungeons available for showing skills and learning skills.

Buffet style menu including beverages and coffee all included in admission price!

You must be 19 or older to be admitted. NO ONE will be admitted without a photo ID.