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Sep 4, 2014
So at this moment i am available for a woman to dominate me right now over kik.

I love having my Cock and balls tied up, private humiliation between the two of us only as well as JOI and denial with ruined orgasms from time to time.

Just so you know, i will not do anything around family/friends/ stranger and i will not be leaving my room either, i do not like anything anal,(tried it a few times before and it does not excite me as some others), no face pictures and nothing with audio and finally, nothing related to toliet/bathroom stuff at all.

I do not mind sending pictures or the occasional video and some body writing is not out of the question either.

Now to all the women that read all the way threw this, you can be a switch or dominant if you are feeling like you need to dom someone. Hell you can be a submissive woman if you want to see how it looks like to dominate a man.

i also only have a little amount of string hanging around as well as the only tools currently that i have on hand.

So i will be waiting for anyone of you woman to kik me.

Akechi106 is my kik.(i know unoriginal, but i like to keep it simple) :)