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Apr 11, 2024
My Daddy is in the mood for pleasure, so he demands that I dance for him as part of a humiliating ritual.

He is standing naked in a room, wearing only sparkly wrap up sandals with 4" stilettos signifying who is in command. I am also naked, down the hall awaiting his orders. "It is time," he calls. "Place your hands behind your head, and slowly walk to me. Wen you arrive, spread your legs, and kneel in front me." " Yes, Daddy", I replied. Trembling with arousal, I make my way down the hall as he desires. The sounds of sticky bare feet fill the hall. Precum is dripping. As I round the corner, I see Daddy in his sparkly heels and rock-hard dick, waiting for my display. I arrive. He stomps his right foot twice in quick succession on the tile floor: SMACK! SMACK! That is my cue to kneel. He inspects my vulnerable body, his heels clicking and clacking with each step. After that, he is standing above me, hard dick in my face. He commands me to stare directly at the tip while he describes the ritual: "To add to your humiliation, which only further pleasures me, I will be dressing you in the following - a harness ring gag, short spreader bar, triple O-ring collar, cock rings, jingle bell anklets, and finally, jeweled barefoot sandals." Click, clack as he walks gathers my outfit. Click, clack, click...

He slowly dresses me, begging with the spreader bar which immobilizes my arms and hands behind my neck. Then, he fastens the ring gag. He does it gently so the faint contact of the ring on my teeth can be heard. When fully attached, I turn my head back toward him, show my teeth, and snarl, growl and hiss; I am ready to play! Before he attaches my foot accoutrement, Daddy slowly strokes my bare soles, which are displayed for him like any good boy would do. I am now fully dressed. He stamps his right foot like he did earlier. I slowly get up my feet, with drool raining from my gag and anklets chiming.

I stand there before Daddy, dressed for his pleasure. Naked, gagged, and decorated, I am so aroused that my dick is purple, bulging through the rings. A thick strand of precum reaches the floor. Daddy puts on a song: slow, and heavy on bass/groove. "Spread your feet, eyes forward", he commands, "Put on a show for Daddy, do you understand?" he asks sensually while stroking my chin."Yes, Daddy, I will put on a show for you," I said through the sloppy, wet gag in a nasaly, garbled mess. I stare at him intently, playfully smiling and showing my teeth. I then start growling, slowly, then yell out a series of yelps. "Daddy loves it when you do that. Now strut your stuff, prancing on your tiptoes. Show Daddy what you've got."

The music is joined by a frantic cocophany of jingling bells and O-rings, toes thuds, and hissing, lots of hissing - Daddy's favorite. I strut around, shake my ass, thrust my cock, and wave my arms to the music. I walk in circles, prance, run my foot up my leg, point my toes at Daddy, and squat. My hard, throbbing deck flops like a diving board. I'm building up a sweat, too, as noted by my arm pit, crotch, asshole, and foot odor.

The dance has ended. To prepare for next time, Daddy replaces my anklets with hinge cuffs, and slips platform thong heels on to my dirty, sweaty feet. He attaches a chain leash to my collar, and applies a blindfold. I am lead down the hall, hopping at a medium pace. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK I go...
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