Dating a Vorephile


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Jun 10, 2015
South Africa
As a pansexual, I love more than lust. I am deeply in love with my boyfriend, even though there is little physical intimacy for me to get a thrill out of. The main reason for this is that his dominant kink is Vorarephilia, and that's something that I don't really see how I can play to in intimate times.

I've tried stuff like foodplay, nyotaimori, and even strong biting and nibbling; but while this all gives him enjoyment for a brief time, that soon fades away to flaccid boredom for him.

I deeply want to try make him feel good in some way, but I can't find something that appeals to him enough to bring him all the way to orgasm. Does anyone have any advice? I realise this is likely a very niche topic, but still, any help would be appreciated.