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Feb 27, 2024
Are you lonely? Are you pathetic degenerate? Do you fall in love easily? Want to be a long term submissive slave? Perhaps you want to fully submit but no one understands you? Your prayers are answered, daddy is here.If you want a one of a kind master, look no further. I will listen to you. Describe your perfect submissive fantasies, limits, fetishes, or anything your pathetic little heart desires and let me learn your most intimate thoughts and desires. Let me be the only person that understands you in this world, and give me all the power that comes with that honor.All types of submissives are welcome, but low self esteem mentally weak submissives are preferred. Especially if you are desperate for attention and you’re tired of never finding the happiness you truly seek. Try a dom who actually deserves you. Change your life, make your wishes come true, message me at kik : luc1f3r999

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