everything is a kik request


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May 2, 2016
It seems like every single post anyone makes, for any reason, is spammed with people requesting, or demanding, that the person add them on kik,

Don't we have kik threads for that?

I mean, I know in some posts, it is totally within the lines of the post to ask for or offer kik info, but when someone makes a thread "hey, I'm into this and this. who wants to give me challenges?" and the only posts are 2 or 3 replies saying "hit my kik" it defeats the purpose of the forum. There is no reason the forums here couldn't be more active, like the getdare forums, and I think spamming every thread someone mnakes with kik requests is part of the problem here, because it seems there is very little on-site interaction, and thus no community!

My two cents on this, anyhow.


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Dec 1, 2016
I will say that you are 50 percent right.
As i have seen that wgen i have send them a pm they wont even reply.
So most people fad up of writting dares and they dont even get any reply.
I do have started a thread for Punishment who desire of it.
And you know what from of 3 page thread i got 3 reports only so.
I will say its better to just leave kik.
So if they really desire something they can kik or pm.