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Mar 27, 2023
So, obviously I like pet play (or else I probably wouldn't be here) and half the time I'd consider myself a kitten. The other half, though, I really prefer to be a big cat. As in, tiger, lion, or caracal sort of big cat. I feel like I don't see this a lot, like most people do the usual cat, dog, pig, cow, horse (nothing wrong with these, I just see these almost exclusively). Obviously there's a little more variety in the furry community, and I do enjoy that space as well, but I feel like there's a lot of potential for fun as an exotic pet. I'm not the only one, right? 😅


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Dec 2, 2023
There's a lot of people that do petplay as different animals and even things that don't exist lol so you're definitely not the only one


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Feb 7, 2024
I just had this odd flash of inspiration that I'm sure has been thought of before but
What about a sheep? Whole body or just head, I'm thinking what if the sheep was cared for and washed and brushed all year until the summer, then a tight shear for maximum length to sell or donate for wigs?
Full body, there are a few craft things you can do with short hair. Hair is really good at picking up oil, it might do good cleaning any accidents in the garage. Also if you're in an area you're able this could be good prep for zero tan lines.
Then again I feel like I can't have been the first with an idea like this, anybody know of sheep?

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