Exposed in Lingerie and Chastity


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Jan 10, 2008
A few accompanying pictures

I have found that, when I am in my chastity cage, I am too weak-willed to keep it on for a prolonged time. This is mostly due to the ease with which I can get my key and unlock myself.

In order to combat this I decided to put my key somewhere I couldn’t easily get hold of it, yet it would still be safe. I opted for somewhere outside of my apartment building that nobody else would look.

It was about 2am that I decided to go for it. I had my cage on, a buttplug in, and was wearing my turquoise bra and panty set and I began to think. At this time of night I doubt anyone was about.

I picked up the key to my apartment and the key to my cage and approached my front door. I quietly opened the door and peered out. It was quiet and dark except for the emergency lighting. The main lights had timed out for the night and nobody had reactivated them. This was the first sign that the coast was clear.

I stepped out into the hallway and decided to head up a couple of flights of stairs to the top floor. From there I could look out a window and assess whether there was any activity outside. At this stage I was quietly confident. I was still in my building and I knew I could make it back to my front door if anyone did appear.

As I crept down to the ground floor I became more and more nervous and excited. I knew the chances of encountering anyone was low, but the adrenaline was starting to pump. I reached the main door for the building and stepped outside into the cold air. I immediately felt the pain of the cold on my feet as they came into contact with the frosty concrete.

I was shivering. I couldn’t tell if it was nerves, the cold or a combination of both. The street was fairly well lit. If anyone looked out of their window they would clearly see a man in brightly coloured lingerie. I headed down the road to my hiding place, feeling more confident as I passed each darkened window. It certainly seemed that nobody was awake.

It was thrilling to walk around so exposed and my mind began to wander. I considered what would be more embarrassing; being caught in my outfit, or being caught totally naked. It then continued onto the oh-so-common fantasy of being caught by an attractive young woman who takes you as a sex slave rather than calling the police to report a nearly naked man skulking around in the dark.

As I walked, the straps of my bra fell down, making me feel exposed and slutty despite no change in the amount of skin that was covered. My chastity cage had also popped out of the side of the panties, yet this did not have the same feeling of exposure as my bare shoulders. The buttplug was wiggling away in my ass as I continued and arrived at my hiding spot.

I reach the location I hoped was secure and retrieved the chastity key from my bra, a technique I had seen friends use on nights out to stash keys and money. I secured it in the hiding place and was about the head back when I changed my mind.

I chose, instead, a longer route. A route that took me past many more apartments and houses. I continued to shake with a combination of terror and the icy breeze. My cock was as hard as it could be within its plastic walls. I wished I could have a wank right there.

My route home did not bring with it any new, exciting situations, but did keep up the buzz I was feeling. When I reach the building I ran up to my apartment and opened the door. I was panting with the excitement and still shivering.

I couldn’t sleep. I ended up for most of the night looking at chastity captions on Bing (they do produce better porn results than Google sometimes) and fiddling with my cage. As I played with it I became incredibly hard, gaining slight stimulation but never anywhere near enough to orgasm.

I laid myself down on a town and fucked myself with my dildo for an hour, still not generating the feelings I needed to orgasm. Had I left the key at home, I almost certainly would have unlocked myself by now.

I was so excited that I wanted to repeat my experience. If all goes well, I am thinking of repeating it today. My only thoughts are whether I should keep the lingerie, or go totally naked (minus the chastity cage, of course). I’d also love to get some better photos, and can’t help but think the flash of my phone might just alert someone to my presence.
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Jun 3, 2012
That sounds very exciting! I'm looking forward to completing my outfit and having an outdoor adventure but the thought of being locked in chastity without immediate access to the key, or indeed being found and enslaved by a sexy, kinky girl, that's really hot. I like your lingerie, my pink set and Lipsy heels are due this week