Female 20 looking for homemade chastity device ideas.


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Jun 21, 2017
I would really love a few DIY chastity ideas as I want chastity but can't buy a belt. If anyone has a good idea please pm me. the winner might just get a picture of the finished product.:p;)

Likes: Pain, denial, creativeness, bondage, slut shaming.
No Thank you: Scat, full public, family and friends, food, permanent, long time dares.
Maybe:Hidden public, pictures.
I can't have a full time master right now as I am too busy and not on enough.
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Dec 2, 2013
you could try roping yourself into several pairs of panties after putting tack panties against your pussy.


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Mar 12, 2017
it depends on how long you want to wear it. A trip to the pet store to pick up some chain "choker" collars and some padlocks can keep you secured in whatever you are wearing. Add a trip to the hardware store for a steel or aluminium plate, some small rubber tubing, a can of Flex Seal, and some rivets and you can cobble together a fairly good mock up of a "professional" belt.


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Aug 1, 2013
There is an awesome one on getdare that even has pictures to go along with it. All the credit is to meeacaroline where she has a post and pictures that go along with it using two belts. http://www.getdare.com/bbs/member.php?u=35013
Another one I just found is similar also from getdare in an album using two belts and a lock from sub.lucy
However, this link shows both styles both using belts but in slightly different ways http://www.getdare.com/bbs/all_albums.php?s=&sort=lastpicturedate&order=desc&page=1&query=Chastity+belt
I hope these references help. Be sure to give them credit if you use either. I have used meeas on slaves before and it worked great for them especially for how cheap and easy it was to build.
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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
There is an awesome one on getdare that even has pictures to go along with it...
Thanks for posting this info! I had been meaning to post myself on this topic as I have fashioned devices very similar in the past using two belts. This is a very good example of the type of thing that can be easily home made.

I also fixed the links in your post so they work now.