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Mar 4, 2018
Hello all, just a 26 year old sensual sadistic dom here with quite an imagination searching for a FEMALE sub/slave or a hucow to turn into my little fucktoy on top of being friends. I’d like to be able to vibe with someone. NO males at all. Any age is more than welcome to apply. Preferable looking for something long term. Online or in person. Wether you are just beginning to explore this lifestyle or if youre experienced is acceptable. I’m fully willing to take you on if you are new and help you explore this lifestyle and everything that interests you. I’m available just about everyday throughout the day and evenings I’m normally always open to play. I’m hoping to find someone who also has a pretty open schedule but I know we all have lives and I’m willing to work with you when you’re free.

I will say I am strict. I don’t tolerate blatant disobedience.

Here’s just some stuff I like.

Bimbofication, wax, pain, degradation, anal, Stretching out your holes, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, Bondage, bdsm, clothing control, Bodywriting, anal plugs, anal hooks, Toys, Panty stuffing, tit bondage, edging, gagging, deep throating/face fucking, hidden public, tit and pussy torture, spanking, wedgies, clamps, whips, using toys on you, pictures and videos, gags, choking, Begging, Clothespins and clamps, Collar and leash (Public or Private), Crotch Ropes, Forced anything, Forced Masturbation, forced orgasms, Orgasm Control, Slapping, anything public, rough use, risky, TPE, cum play, cream pies, throat pies, pee play, hooding you, fucking machines, fucking you outdoors in the woods tied to trees, exhibition, milking your tits if you can lactate, enemas, breeding, tying you up and using you till you can’t take it.


How to apply

Fill out these questions and message me on kik - imcorrupted

What do you wish to be called?:

What is you're age?:

Where are you from?:

What is you're lifestyle orientation?(sub, slave, pet, hucow, other):

Why should I accept you as a sub/slave ect.?:

Do you own a camera of any kind?:

Do you have any issue's using the device?:

What are you're likes, dislikes, curiosity's and limits?:

Toys (if any):

Breast size:

What times you are available:

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