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Feb 26, 2024
I'm newbie to this so i want male master to train me. I prefer not to send photos and this is my bdsm test

== Results from ==
100% Degradee
100% Pet
95% Rope bunny
90% Primal (Prey)
83% Experimentalist
82% Exhibitionist
81% Slave
80% Masochist
79% Voyeur
77% Submissive
72% Brat
70% Boy/Girl
65% Non-monogamist
46% Ageplayer
44% Rigger
38% Dominant
26% Brat tamer
19% Vanilla
17% Sadist
17% Primal (Hunter)
8% Daddy/Mommy
7% Owner
7% Switch
6% Master/Mistress
2% Degrader

Waiting for master to train and torture me :)


Kink Talk Guru
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Dec 6, 2015
“Train” is really subjective to a specific pairing and the Dom is only guiding the sub into the dom’s personal preferences. Training other than some basic protocol or old guard type stuff is really just buzz words to make you feel safe.
They will “train” you by giving you tasks and things to do. So if that’s what you seek then great. If you’re really trying to learn. Find a connection to your local kink community and attend meets. Find a mentor same sex same role as yourself so they can teach you things they’ve learned. Research on your own when you can and go to demo nights to see specific kinks in action and learn the safety and aftercare aspects.

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