Is anyone actually online here still?


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Dec 6, 2015
It is fairly active here. What are you basing your claims of inactivity on? Lack of responses to your posts? As a male slave you’re one of many seeking the same. Online kink forums and sites always have way more male than female in either side of the slash. And again as male sub you get put into and even larger pool searching for Legit real dommes. Of which you are competing against many other sub males for the same attention.
Making more detailed posts and giving more information to allow dommes to see who you are will definitely help some.
This site has lots of good active lifestyle convo when you look around and participate. Lots of good contacts and people to learn from/with. If you’re using it exclusively as a personals site and hoping to score a partner you might not think it’s very active. Also finding good matches takes time.


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Apr 13, 2016
I do see some good discussion threads every now and then and also try to initiate a few topics of interest at times but only a handful of people generally post responses.

I think the media section is active as people (also getdarians) may find it a convenient place for their albums

While I am not active in the personals section, the gender imbalance like mentioned above maybe a problem in getting adequate responses.

I do think if the forums are active with quality discussions and more people participate in forums, the site will attract a more balanced and more keen crowd which will help site traffic and also the personals section.

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