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Oct 2, 2022
I know my Master for 6 months now. We met on an anominous chat for kinky people. We clicked immediately. We had very similar kinks and hard limits. From the very beginning he was amazing. He was caring, loving, listened to my needs and worries.

Finally we decided to meet. I was so excited but also a bit anxious. I have never been in a real life relationship. My Master was busier than me so I traveled to him. The day I landed we were going to meet in a public spot (safety and all).

I took the taxi to the address he gave me. I couldn't find the exact spot we were supposed to meet in so a wandered around looking for him. Then I felt a pain in my head and I collapsed.

When I woke up I was in a basement, naked, gagged, tied up with arms above my head, and a vibrator in my panties. I was terrified.

When my Master arrived he marked my ass with a hot metal. He raped my virgin ass and pussy, ignoring my cries.

It's been around a week now. When he doesn't fucks or tortures me, he blindfolds me, puts a vibrator on a highest setting and streams me online. He said that if I will not behave my family and friends will get copies of the recordings.

He is merciless. One time he fucked my throat till I passed out. After that all he said is that i need a practice so not when I don't eat or suck him, I'm gagged with a dildo.

The only way I know day from night is that he spanks me in the morning and canes me at night.

I'm extremely sleep deprived and food is so bland it's a torture in itself. I don't know how much longer I can do this.

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