Knock knock


Not so kinky
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Jan 16, 2016
That's how it all began. A simple knock on the door, I knew who it was without looking. I knew it was him. The door opened. He had his own key but he knocked out of courtesy because that's just him. I waited for him in the usual position. Kneeling blindfolded with my ankles cuffed. It was part of the fun. He knew he could push me without question but that night he went further then he had taken me before.
He took off my blindfold which was unusual for him. Anything he did I was normally blindfolded but not tonight. I saw he had a black holdall. I wandered do i dare ask what is in inside but I couldn't. He didn't want me to speak as stood me up. I knew better than to move and he knew that I knew.
He opened the bag and handcuffed my hands behind me. He was planning something but he didn't want me to fight back tonight. Tonight I was his.
He took out a sharpie and got to work on my face. I stayed still. He took a step back and admired his handy work. He held up a mirror and made me look at myself. He drew cocks on my cheeks aiming cum in my mouth. He wrote " CumDumpster" on my forehead and wrote " Feed me" on my chin. I wanted to cry but I had no tears as he got out my make up kit. He put an immense amount of lipstick on my mouth making it whore red. He then took the pen and moved to my boobs.
He wrote just above them " aim here" and then got a red pen and started using them as targets. He wrote on my belly " Make me pregnant". What the hell was going on tonight? He then moved to my crotch ( which I had to shave for him) and he drew a massive cock above it with cum dripping from it saying insert here. He wanted me filled at all times. He moved my ass. He knew that was a no go zone for me but not tonight. He wrote something on my ass I couldnt see what was. He turned me to a mirror so I could see. He had drawn above my ass a massive black dick pointing to my asshole. He wrote " Whore" and "Slut" on my ass and drew an eight point star on my shoulder blade to prove I was his.
He put me in six inch heels and locked them. He put an enormous dildo in my crotch more than big enough to fill me. He put my collar on and then my blindfold.
I trust him or do I?