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Mar 23, 2023
Hello, I am posting at my Mistress/Mommies request. As the title states I am here to get punishment lines and things to write on my body for a punishment weekend happening next weekend. So about half my waking hours will be spent writing lines and we need ideas. I am being punished for using the bathroom and masturbating without permission. the idea of writing lines is twofold, humiliation is one of my kinks but I will have my junk locked away. So the more humiliating the lines the better and to keep me busy while she is out of town. things I find humiliating, being age regressed(I will be in a diaper all weekend), pet play(will be eating out of a dog bowl), having my kinks put on display, and liking being pegged. that is what I can think of right now. feel free to ask about others. she likes this line but feels it is to long. "I must like being in a diaper, if I keep breaking rules that it is the punishment for."

A report of the weekend will be posted within a week of it ending and will have photographic proof accompanying it.

also being a sissy other than the sex with another male simulated or real does not make me feel humiliated.
please help this sissy out.

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