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Jun 18, 2020
Hello my name is tina and i am a moody mistress who is looking for some slaves to humiliate and dominate online to have some fun

what i'm looking to find in a slave:
1- obey my orders without discussions
2- do the punishment whenever i feel like punishing you !
3- respect your mistress at all time she always comes first
4- willing to send pictures with the tasks i give you
idc if you are a male or a female or a trans ill humiliate and dominate your ass

if you see your self worthy of this honor add me on kik : tinaflexr

I.E : i take this very seriously i know the limits so i won't cross red line i don't play games once you add me you are officially mine

don't add me if:
- you expect respect
- you don't know what being a slave is like
- you don't get in the moment
- not into humiliation

i'm in charterer from the first second there (in kik) i don't waste time if you have questions ask them here.

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