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Jul 8, 2016
26 year old submissive male seeking a dominant female of any age

Hello. im looking for master/mistress.

Hello again i am lookig for long term relationship with master or mistress. i preffer misstress but master its ok. i had done some task and have some experience as humiliation slave.

What i love is do dares ,order,tasks on public places ( with the risk to be caught) you can see an example on my profile picture ( i am on a public bathroom at this photo)

What i looking for

I am looking for a master/mistress , friend who is creative and mean, who loves to humiliate on many ways no just sexual ones, please if you are interested please tell me something about you, what do you like. examples of tasks.

Location and shedule we can discuss about it, i am open to use skype, kik,icq etc. ( kelee.zeibel is the sky and kik name where you ca find me)

Aboout me

I offer to my misstress/master i will obey and try to entretain them i would be happy to know you laugh at me, making me do a silly task, just make me know i am a pet , a toy, like i said dont have to be masturbation or this kind of stuff i am not looking to some one to tell me to wank, i am looking for some one who enjoy humiliate me and make me feel insignificant.

I had had some repplies with people who just send PM and told me now slave obay becose i am a master, if u are like this please dont send me pm. i want someone who can be my friend too, a master/mistress who can have a talk with me.


Corner time

sleee on the floor


silly dances

Interested : this ones i like how sounds but i had never tryed

Ageplay( dress like a baby)
clothes pins


hit balls

Examples of most dificult dares i had done


Went to a park then strip to female undear and take 3 pictures posing with one hand on the head and one of the hips


take a photo nude or on female clothes on university bathroom.


pull up the panties until broke it.. to remove it

Petplay semi public

Crawl and bark like a dog nude on university bathroom.


Show face ( this one can be removed when we trust enought)
social suicide

Additional info

I have webcam

i can use my smarphone to be comunicated

I am ok with photos or even small videos if is part of our deal.

Feel free to ask me anything you want, and thanks for your attention..

Like i said public and semipublic is what i would want to be trained, i even started to play a little on omegle, if you enjoy this kind of stuff i think we would have a great relationship.

Thanks for you attention and i hope to find what i am looking for.

extra info, i know some people had gave task , but is hard to do it when you are not owned.. i want someone to talk maybe on kik or skype..

if you are looking for slave to laugh and make him do silly stuff to amusse you please send me Im or kik...

i will not send photos until we talk ... so please dont send me msg like hello send me more photos.. i mean i would like to talk first with you.

if we agree and we talk, i would do the embarrasind dares you give me like on my profile picture..

i dont show face at the begining.. but im open to perform on webcam

  • Kinks:
public,semipblic, forced feminization,embarrsment, humiliation

  • Experience:
i have exp on public tasks.

  • Limits:
show fac at beginning, permament.