Modified bra game


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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
Over the years I have modified many, many bras, usually to make them painful or uncomfortable in some devilishly deviant way. I have also used them for humiliation purposes, cutting holes so the tits distort and spill out in various ways that amuse me.
Now I have a challenge for girls of any tit size, to come up with the most interesting ways to modify their bras and show us their results.
Hopefully you all have several old bras you haven't got around to throwing out yet that you can destroy in the cause but if not a quick trip to your thrift shop should get you some cheapies you can experiment with.
A few ideas to get you started, try cutting holes of various sizes in different places in the cups, try vertical or horizontal slits and see what happens.

Here's one from my archive;


Have fun and lets see what you can do!