Monster Slayer Dare Game


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Feb 3, 2015
I had this idea, i don't know if all of you gonna like this but let's try.Updates or changes might happened !

Monster Slayer is role play dares which all of you will be the Heroes and i will be the Monster Master. All of you have to cooperate to Slay all the monster i summoned.

The Game Basic :

There are 2 type of monster :
--> World Boss Monster : is a weekly monster which all of you have to work together to kill the boss with their weakness, for example : I summoned a Boss Monster with 10.000 Health Point (HP) and only can be beaten by Edging and need to be slayed in a week or the Boss goes stronger like the HP increase into 15.000.
--> Monsters : is a daily monster which only one of you can beat slay the monsters with their weakness, for example : I summoned 10 monsters with 100 Health Point (HP) each and only can be beaten by Edging 100 times at once.

Reward For Slaying:
--> Slaying Boss Monster : Slaying Boss Monster will unlock new Boss and New Type of monsters to make the dare more challenging.
--> Slaying Monsters : Each monsters you kill will be counted to your username (I will make a blog to show each usernames slaying).

Events :

Daily Event :
--> New Monsters

Weekly Event :
--> New Boss or Reset Boss if not slayed.
--> Give achievement to top 3 monster slayers.
--> Reset the monster slaying counter.

Monthly Event :
--> If you keep the same achievement for 4 times in a row in a month you will get new achievement.

I invite all the brave warrior to be the best Monster Slayer !

Click Here For The Rules and How To Join (Link to getDare)