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Sep 30, 2022
Hi, my name is Pluto and I’m working towards a major in public relations at MUSE. Here is my first Publicity 101 report.

When I woke up this morning I wanted to get started immediately. Today’s classes were BDSM 101 (basic commands), Interplay 102 (introduction to vaginal handjobs) and of course Publicity 101. First I did my Interplay task. I watched half an hour of girls’ close up masturbation videos so I could get a better idea of how to pleasure and serve them. Then my BDSM 101 task was to perform a random punishment while wearing a collar. My collar is coming in the mail, so for today I wore a belt around my neck. The punishment was exercise, so I did my normal routine of push-ups, sit-ups, lifts, and squats. I wore very short shorts to do the exercise, and I had Project University open on my computer the whole time to remind me what I was doing it for. Finally, for Publicity 101 I had to write up this report. I took the Anais perk so I have to post it on the MUSE Discord and two other places (I’ve chosen GetDare and KinkTalk, let me know if you have any better ideas.)
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