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Mar 14, 2015
I've always known that I was bi, if I'm entirely honest I actually prefer guys. There's nothing like being fucked without care, nothing to worry about other then the feeling of yourself being filled to keep you grounded. However it's been quite a while since I've even had a dildo up there, and if I'm truthful I miss it badly

Recently I've started getting back into porn and I struggled with this one fact, i miss the fullness of a cock in my ass. I've tried so much porn that I've found another fantasy, I desire to be a sissy bitch. I want to not only be fucked by men, I want to be used. Humiliated and abused, by men, women, or even both. However; my biggest fantasy is to be gangbanged by a bunch of bick dick shemales while others watch.

Its gotten to the point where regular solo play no longer works. I need more. Jacking off no longer cuts it. I use a drumstick to toy my ass but it's not enough. I need more, I crave a BIG DICK UP MY SLUTTY ASS!!!

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