No limits, do anything, really?


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May 19, 2013
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It seems this basic lesson needs to be taught for the benefit of all.

No limits (or will do anything), it doesn't matter if you are a sub who says you have "no limits" or a Dom who wants a "no limits" sub this isn't possible, EVERYONE has limits.

Stab yourself in the eye with a pencil, cut off your fingers while I watch, walk naked down your main street masturbating. I seriously doubt there is any member here who would do any of these or a Dom who would command them yet every day I see "no limits" in ads and posts.

Writing "no limits" is for the most part just another sign of laziness. Rather than take the time to spell out their actual likes and dislikes they simply throw in the catch all "no limits".
Here's a tip people, if you do take the time to list what you like and don't like you are much more likely to attract someone who shares those things in common.

If for instance you put "I like to see a sub humiliate themselves by pouring custard over their head." then the messy play fans will flock to you. Ok maybe thats a bit specific but you get the idea.

So please for fuck sake, stop writing "NO LIMITS"!

Instead try these kind of things;

1. Must do/will do photos including/not including face. (Very important to many, if not stated many will assume you don't care either way)
2. Impact play. (crops, paddles, spanking etc)
3. Bondage.
4. Clips, clamps etc
5. Public and/or semi-public
6. Controls (clothing, masturbation, orgasm etc)
7. Watersports, piss games
8. Scat
9. Blood play (cutting, needles etc)
10. Online exposure (temp exposed etc)

And so on, the list is almost endless but see what happened there, it took some time and effort to write out.
If you want to get some actual responses to your ads put some actual effort in to say what you really want.

Short, lazy ads are off putting for two reasons.
First if the person is this lazy trying to connect with you can fairly safely assume they will be lazy all round.
And second, this kind of short hand laziness also looks desperate. Its basically needy begging, in effect you're saying "I'm so desperate to find someone I don't care what you do just talk to me!"

So pick up your act people, put in the effort and you will be rewarded.


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Feb 5, 2015
Countless times we reply to pseudo Doms and subs adds, I hope everyone read this. Unrealistic expectations and zero self preservation in a BDSM dynamic whether online or in person are very very dangerous. Lots of people pretend to have experience and they are lying and with the amount of newbies wanting to explore the lifestyle and explore are at risk for not having an idea on how to negotiate.
Thank you for this advice :) You're awesome!


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Dec 11, 2012
Great point made again Doc. To bad that as well as the other one on pictures people here are mostly lazy and looking for a quick fix. In the past I sent some of them a message with an impossible task on purpose and 99 percent of the replies back would be "yeah well but that's not what I mean" or "yeah I'm no limits but just don't do pics or vids". If people would be honest in their ad's it would be much more fun. For reading as well as for replying.

As for all you no limits subs, I bet I can come up with a task that you do not want to live up too.

And I'm a switch not an extremely cruel Dom. So make the forum a nicer and better place to be and think about what you want to reply with.