Pittsburgh: M/Dom/21 seeks F/Switch/18-20 ~

United States (East of the Rockies)


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Aug 7, 2018
21 year old dominant male seeking a 18-20 year old switch female

Hello everyone

About myself:

I am a male dom from Pittsburgh PA. I currently have a job downtown at higmark. I enjoy it alot. In my free time i like to watch anime, make youtube videos, game and play yugioh. I especially like to do all those with me friends.

How am I:

I am both a cruel and kind master. I am mostly kind. I will always care how you are and how your feeling. I will always be there for you when you need someone to talk too. The only time i am every cruel is when i need to punish you.

What I am looking for:

I want a female slave that will always remain loyal to me and wont ditch me for no reason. I want someone that is willing to try new things and will follow any order given to her. I would also like someone that would like to just talk from time to time. Finally i want someone with a very kinky mind.


I have alot actually but my favorites are humiliation and degradation. I enjoy watching slaves perform hidden public tasks. I enjoy controling slaves and treating them like dogs. I controling what they wear, their bathroom privileges and i love giving rules. Im also open to trying new things if it helps.

Major limits:

My kik: deadpool871

  • Kinks:
Dom fetishes: Bdsm, humiliation, pain
Sub fetishes: assplay and facesitting

  • Experience:
I have had multiple slaves in my past that i have enjoyed breaking but i have no experience in serving a female

  • Limits:
Gore, cbt, family, public