Role play involving drugs?


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Aug 18, 2016
Hi guys! Does anyone have experience with role play/rape play where the sub is drugged down and fucked? I was wondering what sort of drugs might be used for this, where you get them, and most importantly, how safe they are. Thank you!


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May 19, 2013
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Well if it's role play why do you need to actually find the drug?

This is very serious, I can tell you right now any drug that induces unconsciousness is potentially fatal. That is why anesthetists are needed and paid so much, its a tricky balance of knowing the effect of the drug vs weight and other physical and physiological indicators. Get that wrong and someone could react badly, go into a coma or stop breathing. Yes you see it done in movies all the time, in real life people get it wrong all the time.

Be careful, this isn't something to fuck around with.
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