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Aug 10, 2020
We were given a task by a friend of ours and here is the story for all to read, some pictures of the day are on my profile:

It was a lovely Autumn day with the sun splitting the trees and we decided to go for a walk, where we stay its mostly inner city however we found some local woodland to go for a walk.

We found a disused old railway which had been turned into a nature trail, upon our walk we stumbled across an old bridge & my Goddess wanted to explore, as we approached the back of the bridge, there was no one around and my Goddess opened up her backpack and to my surprise pulled out a pair of hold ups and a thong and I was ordered to drop my trousers and get changed. I got changed and as I went to pull my trousers I was told to drop them again, couple of spankings was giving for being disobedient however my Goddess proceeded to write with marker pen on my bum “Bitch” “Spank me” “sub” “Jacksons Girl” “Mine” “Whore” “Slut” among the words written & photographs were taken and I was to pull me trousers up and our walk continued.

During our walk we saw a variety of people out for walks or on bikes, we walked and not before long we wandered off the walk path and another secluded part where more pictures were taken and my Goddess also stripped and I took some photos. We quickly got dressed and continued on our walk.
Shortly afterwards we turned back and started to head for home, on our way home we discussed how naughty it felt to take pictures outside not knowing if anyone was either watching or going to catch us.
We arrived home and I was quickly ordered to change into wet look trousers & bodysuit and I was to remain in this until told otherwise.

We had dinner and shortly afterwards I was ordered to do the dishes and warned that they would be inspected afterwards. I was also told to change it a something slutty which I picked a wet look bodysuit and holds ups, collar was fitted and I was lead into the kitchen to carry out my task. An inspection of my task found that I had failed as the dishes were not done correctly. I was lead out of the kitchen into the playroom to be punished. As we entered the playroom I was blindfolded and had nipple clamps attached to my nipples.

I began to receive my punishment which consisted off whippings, spankings, floggings, I also received ball kicking, my balls also suffered further punishment knees as well and ordered to make sure the dishes are done correctly.

I was then ordered to lie on the floor where, I was tied up with my hands and feet bound whilst my Goddess stood above me whilst pleasuring herself with her toy, and despite trying to break free all I could do was listening to the moans. I was then ordered to clean the vibrator.

I was released from being tied up and ordered to lie on the bench and out of nowhere a heavy slap on my balls was received shortly followed up with more slaps. Slowly my cock started being teased and under strict orders not to cum, as my cock started to weep and my Goddess hand started getting wet, her hand was forced into my mouth to clean. By suprise my goddess then forced a strap on and started pounding me slowly to begin with and get harder and faster whilst being ordered to touch myself but rules were not to explode, This continued for some time and my legs turned to jelly.

After being pounded by the strap on, I was then subjected to face sitting until my Goddess had cum. I was allowed to cum after my goddess as a reward.
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