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Oct 7, 2018
I wanted to take the opportunity to share another experience I have had with my exhibitionist risk taking side. After all, it is one thing to have the experience myself but where would be the fun if I didn’t share it with the KinkTalk community. Back in November I made a post asking for ideas to make my one hour journey to University more interesting. This is my account of what subsequently happened.

Due to the nature of my qualification I would study at University on infrequent weekends. I travel to University in the early morning aiming to arrive shortly after 8am. Due to the lack of onsite parking I park across the city in a multi-storey shopping centre car park.

Being a Saturday and therefore quieter on the roads I left the house at about seven in the morning. I wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. If something happened - road traffic collision or I was to be stopped by the police then I would want clothing near by so, I put my clothes on the back seat of my car, seat belt on and I began the drive. Despite it still being dark outside I was still very conscious of my lack of clothing. As I passed the odd early morning motorist I did wonder whether my bare chest was illuminated enough in their headlights to make them double think whether I had a top on. I only made it a few miles down the road before I pulled over to put a t-shirt on, having become very self-conscious of what others may think as I pass them on the road or sit next to them in traffic as the sun begins to rise. But as I continued my journey, joining the motorway I remained naked below the waist.

It is a great feeling driving bottomless. The feeling of the seat fabric against my ass and the feel of the peddles under my feet. The ability to give my cock a little squeeze every now and again. A feeling of being unrestricted. Once I was off the motorway and approaching the city there was a little traffic but for the most part I sailed straight through. I did come across a police car, doing my best to be inconspicuous and fortunately I gave them no reason to stop me and we both headed our separate directions.

The journey alone was a great thrill but as I arrived at the multi-storey car park this is where the next element of fun began. Usually I would park on one of the lower levels but on this occasion I kept going up the floors, not to the roof but still a fair height up. Having parked my car on a near empty car park level I scanned the floor for signs of life or CCTV cameras. I positioned my car in a space which backed onto the ramps going upwards with a half height wall on my drivers side and a full height wall behind the car. Having sat there for a little over a minute I couldn’t see people or cameras. Although in this day and age I would be surprised if at least one camera didn’t capture what unfolded next. Stepping out the car, I grabbed my clothes off the back seat and went around the back and opened my boot. I sat my clothes in the boot and took off my t-shirt leaving my standing butt naked.

I grabbed my GoPro out of my boot, turned it on and began recording as I sat it on the floor by my car pointing out towards the open car park floor. I then ventured out from behind the safety of my car walking insight of the camera footage. To get myself in frame I had to venture two to three meters out which had me fully exposed to the entire car park level and anyone who may appear from around the side of the ramp. I kept listening for any sign of an engine as I performed for the camera. A full turn, bending and spreading of the arse and shaking my cock until it became erect.

Hearing the sound of an engine I retreated back behind my car, just avoiding being seen as the car came up the ramp and followed the one way system in front of my car to go up the ramp on the other side of me. It is only by some luck that they didn’t see me and that they chose not to park on that level. I walked back out from behind my car one more time not feeling quite brave enough to venture much further. I was a little under half way across the width of the car parking level and nowhere near the other side of the length. Satisfied I met the purpose of the challenge I stopped the camera, put it back in my boot and put on my t-shirt, trousers and shoes. No socks and no underwear. The soles of my feet were pure black with the dirt of the car park floor. My erection causing a tent in my trousers.

It is rare for me not to wear underwear and even more rare for me to not wear underwear in public. For this reason I was very conscious of my cock and how evident it may be as I walk across the city and once I head into the University classroom. I sat my laptop bag across my front, covering that region.

I made the walk across the city, the feeling of my bag bouncing against my groin very apparent and keeping it in a semi-erect state. Being one of the first at the University that day meant I had time to sit and allow the erection to subside but I was still very much aware of my penis throughout the day. In all honest its size and shape was probably no more visible during the day than if I had been wearing underwear but, there is a security from having that extra piece of fabric.

At the end of the day, having completed my lessons I had one last task set by my mistress of the time. I was to go into the University toilets and strip naked in one of the cubicles. Being a Saturday and one of the last people on site it was quiet and I was the only one there. In and clothes off, quick photograph to capture the moment. It felt good to be naked but I didn’t want to do anything more risky on campus as to avoid any implications that come from being caught nude. I put my limited clothing back on and made my way across the city to the shopping centre where I had to do the same again in the shopping centre toilets. At around 5pm the shopping centre was busy and a reasonable number of people at the urinals and in the cubicles. I found an empty cubicle, I stripped, took the photograph, clothes back on and out. No one any the wiser before heading back to my car and heading home, this time clothed.

This was a day that I enjoyed. If the opportunity presented itself again in the future it is something I would want to do an adaptation of again. I particularly enjoyed the exposure in the car park. Perhaps next time I could build up the courage to venture further away from my car. And for those who are wondering the video was for my own benefit of reliving the memory. The only photographic evidence shared was the pictures from the toilet cubicles which did not contain my face. While I enjoy semi-public nudity and the risk of being caught, my kink life is very much separate to my professional life. Just as I would imagine is the case for many of us on here.
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