She wanted to serve him…


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Sep 16, 2021
She became lost in his eyes as he pinned her to the wall.

His hand around her throat, precise grip, total control.

His face centimetres from hers.

His piercing eyes staring into hers.


Intensity that pierced her very soul.

His other hand hadn’t touched her.

Yet she was saturated.

Wet as fuck.

His control wasn’t in his strength.

His control came from within.

A single look that would have dropped her to her knees.

Had his grip on her throat not held her helplessly in place.

She didn’t want for anything herself.

She wanted no pleasure given to her.

She knew at that moment she existed only for Him.

To pleasure Him.

To please Him.

To serve Him.

To service Him.

She gained pleasure from providing Him with pleasure.

She wanted only to be used by Him…



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