Skirt dares – Round one: Who will wear the shortest mini skirt? (for women)


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Sep 4, 2012
Who will wear the shortest mini skirt?

This is a contest of shortest mini skirt. All women can take part. This contest goes over several rounds. The first round starts this weekend (July, 18, 19, or 20). All members have to wear a short mini skirt on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

You have to wear the mini skirt and a thong (or no panties) the whole day (more than 8 hours). No pantyhose or leggings! Afterwards you have to write a report: Describe on the forum your clothes and what you have done this day.

Rules for the contest:
The winner of first round gets 50 points. Winner is the woman (or the women), who wear the shortest skirt. To get these points you have to make a photo of your lower body (not of your face!) before you start the dare on weekend. On the picture you have to wear your skirt and hold a tape measure in front your skirt (see picture). Write me as PM with this picture. Afterward this day, you have to write your report in the forum. Describe in the forum your outfit, but NOT the length of your skirt. So that no other women know your skirt length until I will send the results of the first round.

The winner of first round will gets 50 points.
All others will get: 50 points minus 10 points/per inch difference to the winner.
e.g: If the winner wear a 12 inch long mini skirt, all women with 15 inch long skirts get 20 points.

Have fun

The next round will be harder. ;)

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