Terminology Beginning with the Letter A


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Mar 11, 2016
New England USA
Abrasion - Dictionary term meaning a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction. In BDSM play this would See also stimulating the surface of the body with abrasive materials such as rough silk, leather, sandpaper, brushes, etc.

Age Play - Acting as if you were either younger or perhaps older than you really are.

Anal Beads - A set of strung beads used to insert into the anus to stimulate the anal nerves as foreplay or to cause orgasm.

Anal Play - This is generally play where the anus may be penetrated with either beads, ice, dildos, anal plugs, penis, or fist. Rimming the anus with a finger or toys stimulates the nerves which can create a more intense orgasm. Inserting and playing with one's prostrate gland (males) will cause increased orgasm.

Anal Plug - A specially designed dildo for use in the anus that is shaped in a way so that it will not "fall out". Most commonly inserted and left in the anus for a given amount of time. Also used for "ass training" to stretch out the anus and get one accustomed to having something in their ass.

Anal Sex - Any sexual activity involving the anus. Examples are; rimming (oral), Butt / Anal Plugs, Dildos, and penile penetration.

Animal Role Playing - Games in which one or more partners, usually the bottom, takes on the role of an animal. Most common is probably a dog, or puppy boy / girl though horses are also popular. The 'animal' may imitate animal behavior, wear items such as collars, leads, bridles and so on, or carry out tasks associated with animal behavior.

Arm / Leg Sleeves - Play which involves binding the arms/legs of the submissive in an attempt to restrict mobility.

Aromas - Play which involves the use of certain aroma therapy to induce relaxation. Also referred to as "poppers". In some instances these can be volatile compounds whose vapors cause temporarily increased heart and breathing rates, muscle relaxation, and a "rushing" feeling in the head. These types of play are popular in the gay and rave scenes, and often used in an S/m context. There are some dangers associated with their use.

Asphyxiation - Commonly referred to as "breath control". Refers to play involving control of or restriction of air and / or oxygen to the brain. Any form of stopping breathing freely including choking, smothering and hoods with tubes, sacks, plastics, etc, is asphyxia. Sometimes used to cause a more intense orgasm. Other examples would be strangling which is compression of the neck or throat area to prevent oxygen to the brain; suffocation involves reducing the level of oxygen available to breathe; hanging where the body is suspended by the neck (remember, all these games are extremely dangerous , either alone or with a partner, and may cause DEATH ).

Auctioned for Charity - Involves play where the partner (usually the submissive) is auctioned off to others for charitable purposes and or services to another. This is illegal in many areas.