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May 7, 2013
Alright guys. It's one of those moments when all I can think about is how much of a turn on it is t be dominated by a sexy lady preferably in nice sharp hot high heels in vey sexy lingerie.

It's absolutely amazing! All I can think about is the mere fascination of being completely helpless tied up against the wall or face up on the bed. Cock exposed nipples pinched and cock tortured. Take those sexy high heels and kick the cock as hard as she can. Step on the cock and trample it as if she's putting out a cigarette. start to tease me verbally about relieving the cock, stroking it weakly with just the bare tips of her fingernails and then realizing I'm not worth it.

Being tied and just taking all the pain. being tied and completely helpless, gagged by her used wet underwear blindfolded by her bra. The more I scream in pain and for relief, the stricter it gets. MMMMMMMM BEAUTIFUL!!!!

and I don't dare say the safe word, because there is no way I will allow it to end!


Laugh at me, be little me! humiliate me tease me! ALL OF IT!!!!!!!

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