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  • Here is a task for ur female sub, to be used as Christmas tree, wearing garter belt, Nylons stocking, Heels, with her tits tied very tight with thin wire, or cords, then tie ur tits tight with red and green ribbons, and then hang Christmas ornaments from her tits, and nipples and using a Colored Pin for each ornaments hang on her the tits, and nipples, to hang 2 ornaments on each nipple, use Colored Pins to hang ornaments her pussy, and use a Colored Pin to hang an ornament from clit, I would see photos proof of this task. [email protected]
    this whore is doing a punishment. she letting her master piss and shit in her mouth. she a nasty fucking whore
    Hello to everyone on Whore's page. Whore will try to contact everyone that looks at Whore's page. Master thanks you for torturing me.
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