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    Hot sauce

    To stop the burning best ways are masturbating but if youre too sensitive may make you cum too fast and also can make some hot sauce enter your peehole. Milk and also a good cleaning with soap.
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    Straight Male Switch 36 36 male switch looking for a switch in europe

    36 male switch from spain looking for a switch from europe. I preffer females but i understand most people on these pages are male so i wont say no if youre nice. Im looking for someone to give and take dares, make bets to see who is bottom for a set amount of time and things like that. I dont...
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    What would be in your dream kinky toy chest?

    1-good electro/shocking device 2-prostate massager 3-rope 4-clothpins 5-cane 6-fucking machine 7-chastity device with shock option 8-hitachi wand 9-remote buttplug 10-paddle
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    1V1 exposure on kik (GAME)

    Ill join the dare but with some changes, pics are only sent by the loser and winner decides losers pose. Loser may decide to roll again, if he/she wins no expossure but if loses double time and pics. Pics will be up for a week on winners kinktalk album with losers kik on description. Kik xsamss
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    keep me plugging daily 24/f

    My rolls were +2 mins and +2mins
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    A ghost in my ex room

    Just realized there was a paranormal section in this forum so id like to share some things that happened to me in my parents house. Theres no sex or bdsm involved but its something only a handful of my friends know. The first strange thing that happened was when i was still sleeping with my...
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    I like girls screaming and that "normal"

    Its a complicated question but if both parts consent i see no problem about it. The adrenaline and fear can make you feel your orgasms really strong. But when watching an online vid and it happens sometimes i wonder if its really agreed.
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    Attention seeking whore

    Where should i start, a small pussy that hasnt been recently shaved and probably has only been used for the toothpaste dare recently. That ugly hairy ass doesnt even deserve attention, maybe some spanking for not shaving it. And tits so small that if if wast for the other pics i wouldve thought...
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    Unsee pictures

    1 hour
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    Pic Exposure Challenge

    Will join again for an hour,
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    Pic Exposure Challenge

    Im in xsamss
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    watch me on pornhub!

    Nice one
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    Strip Exposure Game

    I join, would prefer to play against a girl but will play against anyone that wants.
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    Do men objectify femdoms?

    For me id say its not that simple. When someone has a fantasy its always the perfect stage, i mean you imagine an impressive girl doing exactly that dark thing you would probably wouldnt do in real life. But when talking about real femdom you need to take care that it wont be perfect, its the...
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    Temporary Exposure Kik Dice game

    kik xsamss