Gave up control for the first time.


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May 11, 2024
As you may have read in "Introducing Yourself" or "Questions for Switches", I am the dominant by nature.
With an insatiable curiosity about the other side. Well, that definitely did not change tonight, but I did take a first step.
This will be more of an experience report about my first time rather than a porn story, so I'll put it here.

Of course, there are plenty of options on the Internet, from "Truth or Dare" to "Faproulette" to "Instruction Porn Video" and whatnot, to let someone else decide.
But they're usually pretty generic and too predictable. It's like reading the synopsis and conclusion of a book instead of letting the journey take its course.
For those who don't know, books are printed and organized collections of paper pages :p

Sometimes everything comes together perfectly and situations arise that you never expected.
This is also the case here in this forum, where I came across the "lovense link" thread by chance.
I knew what it was all about from various live cam sites, but the fact that it could also be completely anonymous was new to me.
And as if that wasn't enough, the official website for this toy (this is not an advertisement) offered a mega discount.
So I bought two toys that had aroused my curiosity, and a few days later the parcel service rang.

The anonymous thing was perfect, of course. Believe it or not, despite my dominance, I´m very reserved at first. Not exactly shy, but a bit introverted.
Once I had both loaded up, connected to the app and tried it out, all I needed was an account and I could create an anonymous link.
And post it...yes, where, actually. It would have been logical to post it in the "lovense link" thread, but when does a person act logically and emotionally? Especially since they say that anticipation is the greatest joy.
Something didn't fit, I felt too insecure - ridiculous, as a dom I develop several possible scenarios within a few minutes and what I have to pay attention to, the pros and cons. I analyze my opponent's gestures and facial expressions and radiate confidence.

And now I feel insecure...

Well, what now? Google has to help. A few hours later I had found both a Dicord server (which was out of the question) and a Reddit site.
Since I don't mix my work with my personal life and my public personal life (and by that I mean social media) with my kinks, I had a second account on reddit.
So I posted a link on reddit, clicked on the link to see if it worked, and waited and ... nothing.
Just to be sure, I checked the app again when I realized that I had logged in when I wanted to check the functionality of the link.
I laughed, ended the chat with myself and reactivated the link.
But now really, wait, wait and ... nothing. Well, that's what I expected. Patience is a virtue you have to learn.

So I started a movie and made something to eat. I was standing in the middle of the kitchen when suddenly my phone vibrated. And so did my toy.
I quickly unlocked my phone and swiped to the chat app. And sure enough, there was someone checking my toy.
Totally surprised, I stared at my phone for a few seconds and sent an emote. I got an emote back and didn't know what to say. Of course it was in English, that would make sense, but what?
A minute later, whoever it was disappeared and the toy went silent. Very professional how I had behaved. I should have managed a simple "Hi" or "Hello".
Resigned, I turned away from my phone and finished putting together my little meal.

After an unspecified amount of time, my phone started vibrating again. I paused the movie and checked. My toy responded in a few short bursts and I wrote a simple "Hello".
This was punctuated by longer activity from my toy and I received a "Hello" in response.
My toy activated a few more times in rhythmic bursts and I thanked it with an "I like it". My toy danced inside me for a few more minutes and the unknown visitor left without another word.
Not what I had hoped for. But as the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day" - some things just take a little longer than you think.

It wasn't long before my toy answered again and I picked up my mobile phone. After a short mutual greeting I suddenly got the message that he was a man and if that was ok.
Well, why not, we men should know best what we men like ^^
I replied that it was no problem. Meanwhile my toy went up and down in intensity and I enjoyed the feeling inside me.

Man: "I am here with my wife and we were just curious and wanted to ask if these toys are worth it"?

I didn't expect this at all. English is not my first language, so my brain was working overtime to find and translate the right words.
It certainly didn't help that my toy was teasing me more and more and I was getting horny.

Me: "I'm also using this for the first time and came across it out of curiosity, but so far I'm very pleased. Both with the usability and the workmanship of my two toys,"

As soon as I had sent this, I wondered if I had written everything correctly and hoped that he understood what I was trying to say. But my worries were unfounded.

Man:"I hope you like it, my wife is already wet thinking about what it can do.
Me: "Oh yes, I'm really horny too." I felt a little embarrassed and naive as the next words formed in my head and I asked, "Can I fap"?
Man:"Go ahead, I've been doing it the whole time" came the rehearsal.
Me: "Thank you very much".

I leaned back, grabbed my dick and started masturbating.

Man:"How is the intensity" came the next question "My wife is a bit sensitive and too much would rather trigger the opposite of joy and excitement".

I told him that you can set the maximum level for each individual and he was thrilled with this information.
We continued writing for about 20 minutes, and my toy and its settings kept me well aroused the whole time.
But the mix of casual small talk and the toy stimulating me, as well as my own stimulation, was very nice and arousing, but it certainly wouldn't have been enough for more. We said goodbye and I turned the device off for the time being.

Shit, I was still aroused, my cock craved attention and my mind produced exciting scenarios.
I gave in, leaned back and let my thoughts continue to circle. Which in retrospect was a strange mix of my dominant and submissive nature.
After I had brought myself to climax twice, I scurried under the shower and returned to my "normal" private life.

Almost 3 hours passed when my phone suddenly vibrated, but there was no message. However, the app was active and I noticed that someone had clicked on the link, which of course I had completely forgotten to deactivate. That's when I noticed the strange noise coming from the bathroom, the toy had turned on. I went to the bathroom, took the toy, deactivated it and went back to my study. The visitor left shortly thereafter and I deactivated the link. That was not my way at all. With the link enabled, I had offered something I couldn't keep. I assured myself that this would not happen a second time.
I wanted to spend some time on my PC, but the toy next to me kept drawing my attention.

Finally I gave in to my curiosity and activated it, inserted it and created a new link. I made it a little more interesting by wrapping one of my cock rings around my balls. A quick thread on Reddit and a few minutes later, both the phone and the toy responded.


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May 11, 2024
After a short mutual greeting, she asked me (from her manner and the whiteness of her skin, I assume she is female) if I had time, because the 15 minutes I had set aside would not be enough for what she had planned with me.
A person who knows what she wants, exciting. I activated another 10 minutes while she was already playing with my toy.
I asked if I could play with myself and to my surprise

Kit:"No, I want you to let me know when you're excited and dripping".

Now my curiosity was definitely aroused. Precisely because, although it was a firm statement, it was by no means written from above.
She wrote me her nickname so I could add her if I wanted to. Certainly not on reddit, but where could I add her to the app?
I quickly took a screenshot so I wouldn't forget her name and noticed the battery indicator on my toy, which was alarmingly low and I hoped it would be enough.
I pushed that thought aside, too, because I should let her know when I was wet.

Me:"Can I play with myself, please?" I asked,
Kit:"Yes, but slowly and count to 3 after each up and down.

I had expected that, even if it wasn't that specific. Grinning a little because I had been right, I began to slowly move my hand up and down, making sure to stop and count 3 seconds. While she controlled my toy with different variations again and again.

Something I had already noticed was that men tend to need variety and women prefer something consistent to increase their pleasure. (This is based on my own experience and should not be taken as a norm here)
What am I doing here, brain shut up!
She wanted me to describe how I'm sitting and where my toy is.

Me:"My toy is in my ass, my balls are tied up with a cock ring and I'm playing with my cock as instructed".
"I'm sitting on my chair, naked except for an open shirt, my boxers are somewhere at my feet".
Kit:"Very good, you continue with your cock, but after every 5th time you stroke your glans 10 times, no climax without my permission".

I was surprised and pleased that the further instructions remained so consistent. But it was both. Good because my brain was busy counting and stupid because I was too focused on counting.
I managed to keep going for a few minutes before the toy's battery died. Fuck, seriously, why? I found someone once and then I had absolutely no preparation. Shit.
I explained what happened and told her I had a second toy that was charging.
She was totally relaxed and wanted to know what my second toy was. Once that was clarified, she told me where to add her and that we could continue playing there as soon as I was done with the second toy.

Euphoria washed over me, not only because she wanted to continue playing, but also because she was completely relaxed and patient.
I know this about myself, but I think we all know that there are a lot of people out there who fit well into the "dumb-dom and selfish-sub" categories.
And I often analyze the possibility of worse scenarios, better safe than sorry. For good that was absolutely not the case here.
No sooner said than done and a few minutes later she was teasing me anally again and I was...counting ^^

Kit:"How does it feel" she asked and I answered truthfully
Me:"good, but jerking off like you said is not that easy".
Kit:"Oh why?"
Me:"Counting while you distract me anally like that is not easy"
Kit:"We could do something worse"
Me: o.o "What were you thinking?

I was so damn curious and it excited me not knowing what would happen. Even though my stupid brain immediately started running through possible scenarios at high speed.

Kit:"I want you to jerk off for 5 seconds as fast as you can and then stop for 15 seconds and repeat that".
Me:"Yeah," that sounded easier rather than worse.

After a few minutes, I understood that the 15 seconds was the mean thing. But she had another mean idea.

Kit:"I will now set the vibration to 15 seconds low and 5 seconds high and I want you to follow this rhythm".
Me: "Yes" was my short answer and for the first time a steady rhythm was something I hadn't expected to feel that well.
Kit:"When you're about to edge, take your hands off and massage your balls.

Less than 4 minutes later I had to stop, I didn't expect it to make me so horny.
I wrote that I was about to edge and my hand was massaging my balls.

Kit:"Ok, come down a little and then we'll do it again"

I knew she wouldn't let me come so easily, but it was exactly what I wanted.

Me:"I'm ready for round two," I wrote.
Kit:"Ok, same game again, but this time 4sec fast and 10sec pause. go to the edge and then stop like before"

6min later I confirmed the second edge.

Me:"I've never been treated like this before.
Kit:"In a good way, I hope"
Me:"I love it, 3rd edge"? I was motivated but also knew that it would be more strenuous.
Kit:"Very good, we will continue like this until you ask me to come"
"When you're ready, say yes and then as usual to the rhythm".
Me:"Edge" that was 3min maybe "so cruel".
Kit:"I bet your cock is looking for release"
Me:"I'm not sure I can do this again and I don't really give up that easily" I didn't want to overestimate myself and I was so horny.
"Please let me come"
Kit:"I will create a rhythm and I want you to try to stay on the edge as long as possible. Until you can't take it anymore, then you can come"
"And while you're coming, beat your balls"
Me:"Yes, thank you very much"

It was so hot, I leaned back a little and enjoyed the pulsation as I tried to follow the rhythm when...
...suddenly everything stopped.
My fucking internet went down.

I switched tabs in the app and searched for a ready-made pattern.
A few minutes later I tried to keep it on the edge as long as possible, but after 7 seconds I came. As instructed, I gently slapped my balls as my cock pulsed and shot after shot. I lay there breathing heavily. A short time later I was connected to her again.

She thought the battery on the second toy had run out as well and I briefly explained to her what had happened.
I looked at the clock and only then did I realize that over 1.5 hours had passed.
I thanked her and we both agreed to meet again to play.

I think you quickly realize how far from perfect the whole thing was, and even though my brain did everything but not shut down. It was a wonderful evening.
It felt real, especially because not everything went smoothly. Just like you can fall off the bed laughing during sex (it really happened to me ^^).
I'm glad that I took this step and I got more than I had hoped for.

o.o This has become quite a wall of text. Thanks to all of you who really read this and maybe I could encourage some of you to take a step.
Always remember Safe, Sane, Consensual and have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

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