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Jul 10, 2020

Next week I will have free evening and whole night at home and I would like to enjoy it with some long selfbondage session. I allways wanted to spend several hours in some kind of bondage (maybe over night), but it was never as good as I imagined. Maybe I need some new ideas and dares,-)

I really enjoy wearing nylon stuff - so it is must have. Also enjoy urinating when in selfbondage.

It could be fun to split the scenario in two by using two timelocks - first can release me from some realy unpleasant position and second still holding me bound for the rest of the session. Spliting one session even in more parts could be fun.

Stuff I have:

- lot of nylon pantyhose, nylon catsuits (closed feet, hands, head), nylon underwear
- women's underwear, bra
- latex pantyhose
- high heel shoes
- blindfold mask (over whole head)
- diapers
- chain (few meters)
- harness
- 2 timelocks, lot of padlocks
- handcuffs, legcuffs
- butt plug
- enema device (why not, but not sure?:-D)
- chastity device (it can hurt a lot after a few hours, not sure I want to wear it over night)
- mouth gag (also not sure I want to have it over night)

Thank you, if you can come up with something really challenging:))

I DON'T LIKE - public, needles or blood

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