INTENSE blackmail dice game


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Aug 26, 2021
i'd love to play this with a dom <3
my kik user is mvr2t
Tut tut this little slut disappeared right at the start of our game so....

He lost his virginity at 19 with a guy.
He also has kinky pictures of himself saved.


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Aug 31, 2021
my discord is dumby#6254, and my kik is dumbdumb2k
i'm eager to give in and submit!
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Oct 14, 2021
This game was meant for someone who always wanted to do blackmail, but never could. It is a great way to provide more information than you thought. Especially if you think there is a chance you get set free at the end.

You will roll for each section and then complete the required step based on your roll, sending the photos and info to your master. Then you may move on to the next roll.

If you roll for a section and refuse to provide what is required of you, the master can freely distribute across the internet any pictures and info they have gained so far in this dare. The further you get into this game, the harder it will be to back out.

Roll number 1: Easy info

1: The country you live in
2: An incriminating secret about you
3: The city/town you live in
4: Your first name
5: The age you were when you lost your virginity
6: Your age now

Roll number 2: Easy Pictures

1: Full body shot, no face, just wearing underwear
2: Shirtless picture, no face
3: Half face picture
4: Full body picture, trousers and underwear pulled to your ankles, no face
5: Closeup shot of your face
6: Picture without pants, no face

Roll number 3: Moderate info

1: Your street name
2: What you masturbate to
3: Your house number
4: The first letter of your surname
5: One sexual fantasy in at least 25 words
6: The first name and email of a friend

Roll number 4: Moderate pictures

1: Closeup of your cock, soft with ruler next to it
2: Fully body nude photo, covering genitals, no face
3: Fully body nude photo, covering genitals, full face
4: Closeup of your cock, erect with ruler next to it
5: Full nude body shot from behind
6: Full frontal full face shot, erect

Roll number 5: Hard info

1: Your Surname
2: Your full name
3: Your street name and number
4: Your instagram, snapchat, twitter or other social media (1)
5: Your telephone number
6: The full name, email and a photo of a friend

Roll number 6: Hard pictures

1: Three full face nudes of you erect
2: A full body photo of you with hands behind your back, no face
3: A photo kneeling down, full face, covering genitals with one hand
4: A closeup of your soft and hard cock, measured
5: A fully body shot with face, hands behind head
6: One picture of the master/mistress's choosing

Roll number 7: Extreme info

1: A way to contact your ex partner
2: Your full address
3: An email address of a friend
4: The full name, email and a photo of 3 different friends
5: Name of place you work
6: Your facebook or other social media address

Roll number 8: Extreme photos (CUMULATIVE not including #1 and #4)

1: Stop the dare, the dom deletes all pics and info he's gained so far
2: Five full face nude photos, in whatever poses the dom chooses
3: Every single nude photo of yourself you currently have on your PC and phone
4: Stop the dare, the dom deletes all pics and info he's gained so far
5: A full photo of your ID with nothing censored
6: A nude full face photo with your full name written on your chest in big black letters

Roll number 9: Length of Blackmail time
This roll will determine the length of time the dominant will blackmail you for. If you complete all of the tasks given during this time, then the dominant must delete all pictures and info he has of you.

1: 1 hour
2: 1 day
3: 1 week
4: 1 month
5: Stop the dare, the dom deletes all pics and info he's gained so far
6: Bad luck, as long as the dominant wants

If you wish to complete this dice dare, post below saying ‘I consent to this dice dare’ and a dom can private message you to get started.

I as a sub will be first, I consent to this dice dare. kik - the_Ethan.64

Once you start rolling, your only two options are to see the dare through to the end or to let the dominant expose whatever information he has gathered on you up to that point. Good luck
I consent to this dare kik @vannesssim


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Aug 13, 2016
Risky dice games are hot but a little too much for me! lol You lot are very brave!
If you are not brave enough but still want to try the excitement, you may start with non nude / non sexual exposure, which may put you in a bit of embarrassment but won't risk anything else.

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