1. T

    Cock Hero - Anal vs. Stroking

    Hi there, I have this crazy idea to train my ass by playing cock hero on private or public cam (no face). You stroke your cock, I ride a dildo to the rythm of a cock hero vid we both watch synchronized. If you cum, I win, if I cannot continue riding, you win. Looser must do an pic of...
  2. C

    21 [M4F] Looking for a girl to play a strip game

    Hi. I'm 21 male and speak English and German fluently plus a bit Spanish and Norwegian. I'm looking for a little that meets the following requirements: is willing to show herself (no face is ok) is between 18 and 22 has at least and average looking body. have at least A FEW of those kinks...
  3. F

    18 y/o Twink Sub Looking For Fun Blackmail!

    IMPORTANT!: Hard limits are showing face or voice, scat and doing things in public. However, due to my living situation I am quite restricted as to what I can do (can't make too much noise and such), so I'd prefer that we keep things casual (simple nude pics and stuff). Not looking for anything...
  4. E

    INTENSE blackmail dice game

    This game was meant for someone who always wanted to do blackmail, but never could. It is a great way to provide more information than you thought. Especially if you think there is a chance you get set free at the end. You will roll for each section and then complete the required step based on...
  5. Miss Purrfect

    Alice in KinkLand

    This is a task / fun game for female subs / slaves. The idea sounded amusing in my head and would love to see others make it come to life. The idea is that this post becomes a collection of images / stories of a kinky female character called Alice. Anyone can be become Alice, the idea is you...
  6. P

    [Scat] Dirty Games

    SCAT WARNING. I imagine this will require a creative dom and two curious but not experienced slaves to make it the most fun. I'll be one of those slaves but looking for a dom with a bit of experience in this and who genuinely is into toilet play ideally! I won't post it all here but if you're...
  7. Miss Purrfect

    Self Isolation Female Task Game!

    Self Isolation Female Task Games: Each task is rewarded in points for the completion of each task in brackets e.g (10) meaning 10 points. 1) Spend the day with no panties (5) 2) Spend the day with no bra on (5) 3) Spend 5 hours naked (10) - you can still apply kinky gear. 4) Add (2) points...
  8. P

    Human Toilet [Scat]

    Looking for a dom to play some dirty scat games with today. Kik me to find out more, genuine offer. Something like: kik: pilik1 M25.
  9. P

    Human Toilet [Scat]

    Looking for a dom to play some dirty scat games with today. Kik me to find out more. kik: pilik1 M25.
  10. M

    1V1 exposure on kik (GAME)

    So I was thinking about a game on kik using the “@Roll flip” command that flips a coin. Both players have a chance to be exposed in this game, once you pm the other player on kik saying “game time” and you both agree to play send 2 or more photos each Next each player will guess heads or tails...
  11. A

    Exposure Raffle

    I've been running the Exposure Raffle on Get Dare for a while, and figured it is time it is posted on kinktalk as well. This is the same round as that being run on Getdare, but posting here as well as a lot of entrants opt for Kinktalk exposure. Introducing a theme for each round, where a task...
  12. L

    Hangman blackmail dare

    Hi! In this dare you will be playing rounds of Hangman. Each round you try to guess letters of a word, and will lose the round if you miss 7 times. The info or picture you must give up will depend on how you perform in each round. You have to give up a picture or piece of personal info if you...
  13. W

    Permanently Exposed Roulette

    No cheating or re-rolling. ' Post your links below.
  14. L

    Temporary Exposure Kik Dice game

    Using the in app dice feature, each player rolls a D6. Lower number loses. First to lose 5 times is declared the loser. Loser must do X amount of naked poses x being 5 - the losers points. So a 5-0 gets 5 pictures. The loser also has to do an act the winner decides, pictures or a video...
  15. B

    ULTIMATE Blackmail Dice Dare

    This game requires a slave who is interested in the idea of blackmail but has never plucked up the courage to follow through with it. You will need a blackmail master to play this with. This is similar to the other blackmail dice dare but with more information to be revealed. You will roll for...
  16. J


  17. S

    happy expose teamviewer slave boy sissy

    I love it.. the mind games, the teasing, the mastubation along with the temporary exposure, sharing, humiliation and submission. Very keen to try it again and see how you can make me squirm. XXX Sissy Slut
  18. L

    Challenging competition for female subs

    Welcome! In this game, you girls will be competing each other. All participants will get challenges to complete for points. The game will consist of 10 challenges. In each challenge, you can collect a maximum of 20 points, for a grand total of 200 points. Some challenges will be painful, others...
  19. jack1994

    Picture imitation game [Accumulative]

    Hello all, so I have been thinking about how I like to imitate pics sometimes that I see. So for this thread, the basic idea is you will post a photo on here (not of yourself) for anyone to imitate and anyone can keep adding photos for everyone to imitate. Rules for thread: 1) Add only 1...
  20. VirginM

    The great edge game for everyone

    Disclaimer: It may not be great. But it shall be a game. I had an idea. People post there kik here. the day they post it here is their day zero. Everyday from day zero onward they will have to do one edge in the morning and one at night. Best get up earlier to allow for your morning edge...