Homemade Kitchen cappers


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May 19, 2013
Outback, somewhere in WA
So it seems many places are going back into lockdown so many of you will be stuck at home bored, again!

This thread is for everyone to suggest ideas for kinky games that use the kitchen as the common theme, all ideas must use something found in the kitchen.
Now it could be ideas for dildos, ideas for clamps or binding, anything that is a kinky game to keep Kink Talkers occupied.

To kick things off here are a couple of ideas from me.

Play chicken. Hard boil two eggs, let them cool then play around inserting them and pushing them out again. You can leave the shell which makes them a bit tougher or take the shells off for a soft but more delicate toy.

Pasta play. Get a handful of shaped pasta such as shells, bow ties or similar. Put some in your bra cups and panties and wear for as long as possible.

Got some ideas yourself? Post them here.
Thinking of trying some of the ideas, let us know and post a pic or two if you're game.
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