Master won't let me date?


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Jul 26, 2012
La Luna

Your still young and have time to make tons of mistakes, the way I see it your at the ledge and you got to decide to jump or not. Jumping would be unpredictable, it could give you what you've really been looking for or it could end up being a total bust. If scenario plays out where he gets tired of you in a few years then your only 20-21. As cute as you are if it fails any time soon you can basically have your pick of boyfriends and any of them would be lucky to have you.
She needs her head in books.... Cock on side.... When she has the smarts the cock will (accuse the pun) fall in her lap.... Fuck a master.... Fuck the professor. ;) with your mind. :)


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Jul 25, 2013
Brampton, Ontario
Though I am looking for what your master is, I agree with what most are telling you. Only few your age are ready for a life long commitment that he is asking for. Even subs 30+ are not sure.

I have made sure my expectations are know when looking. I expect input from my slave on her wants and needs. All expectations should be laid on the table at the start. Yes things change and some people don't feel the same after time. Others live satisfying lives together. Some with multiple slaves. The circumstances are different with each encounter.

In my case they may be my slave(s) but in my mind they will be a wife as well. I am married already but they will share that place with her. My wife has been prepared for that for some time.

I hope that you can maintain this relationship with your master. If not I hope you find the master and relationship that you crave. A subs needs can some time a be more important then the masters. For a happy slave is what a master should thrive for. At least that is how I feel on the subject