chastity belt

  1. C

    Male Chastity  Chastity Game Designed by Mistress Alessandra: Crack Your Chastity Code

    I am keyholder mistress Alessandra. I have design multiple games for my lockees to play.
  2. German-slaveslut-Guenter

    My chastity belt

  3. German-slaveslut-Guenter

    Sub Man 4 Dom Women  Slave looking for humiliation and exposure

  4. C

    Male Chastity  Chose this Chastity belt for my 3 new slaves

    this chastity belt is difficult for a chastity slave to escape.
  5. C

    Male Chastity  Male Chastity Help You To Lose Weight

    After many men first put on a cock cage, they realize they are much happier than they were before. And why shouldn’t they be? The number of benefits which a male chastity lifestyle provides are practically uncountable. He will be obedient and submissive. He will happily and willingly perform any...
  6. Agent Green

    Male Chastity  Cocoon Design chastity belt

    A new promising chastity belt maker is emerging on the scene called Cocoon Design. They are based out of China and seem to be to chastity belts what DJI is to drones. The design seems to put even Neosteel to shame but only time will tell! Anyways, despite almost no info about them online I...
  7. suzzana

    Prostate Milking With Curved Dildo On Strap

    I fell into the trap of a long term orgasm denial like many dominant wives. I was constantly increasing his period without orgasm because his behavior was getting better and better. After eight weeks of denial, his balls were super sensitive and painful. I remembered my friend with whom I had...
  8. Olesya_chastity

    Bisexual Trans Man Submissive Bratsk (Russia) 30 search key holder

    Hi, my name is Olesya and I am from Russia. :) I'm looking for a key holder who will be interested in making me a submissive sissy. :)
  9. Submissive-Boy

    Chastity Device Recommendations?

    Hi there. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but a long while ago I owned several chastity devices but got rid of them after moving in with my girlfriend. I didn’t want to go too heavy with the kinky stuff straight away. Now though she’s become quite dominant towards me and I am thinking...
  10. D

    Looking for Someone to Lock Me Up

    I'm a female and I'm looking for either a dom or domme to keep me locked in chastity for however long they see fit. I'd prefer to talk on kik so please PM me and I will send it.
  11. T

    What's the best place to buy a Male Chastity cage

    I want to find a site that sells male chastity gear that's reasonably price and has good quality and durable. Any suggestions?
  12. C

    New Access Denied chastity belts

    Hello Chastity fans. I wanted to share with you all my new chastity belt site we have started remaking the classic Access denied chastity belt plus a new hip style belt suitable for 24/7 wear. please check it out or PM me for more info . http://
  13. S

    General about haettu.

    Hello. I Am a newbie on this site. Been around kinky scene for longtime though. I have had some fantasies about chastity for some.time now. Never tried it though. But it would love to hear from both males and females who are locked about their experiences. Like for how long have you had your...
  14. C

    Chastity questions

    Hi all, my first topic of this kind here so here we go. I am interested in how many people are actualy wearing cages/belts. So questions are: What got you into chastity? How long are you wearing your device? What is the longest time you had it on? What kind is it(plastic, steel, cage, belt)...
  15. J

    Chastity belt/cock cage for beginners.

    Hello, U was browsing chastity belts because I finally decided on buying one, it's been a fantasy of mine for a few years now but when i looked online I was kind of overwhelmed by all the choices I can make, material, length, shape. So I thought I'd come here. I'm looking for a tight one fit for...
  16. Blackhand

    What to do?

    Lazy day at home, decided to put on the chastity belt with locking plug for a while. I could take it off anytime I wish, but what's the point of that? I feel like I need a goal or something to accomplish before I take it off. Any suggestions?
  17. I

    Prince Albert CB ?

    Hi, Has anyone got a prince Albert ? 1.why did you get one ? 2.did it hurt ? (i'm thinking about getting one) long did it take to get over it ? and if you have would you wear one of these, or do you already have have one and whats it like ...
  18. E

    Chastity Dare

    I don't own a belt and can't get one at the time but want to try it. So post on here pm me or kik me at Victorecho52
  19. EyesWideOpen

    Fun chastity ideas?

    I just recently became caged by my girlfriend in a KSD-G2/CB-3000 device. I am to wear it 24/7 with it coming off only once a week. If she determines I have been good that week (exercise five days a week, eat her every night, massage her feet and back nightly) then I am permitted to penetrate...