1. exhib1

    Posting own Pictures

    How many people find posting there own pictures addictive. I started posting my own photos years ago on flickr and progressed to tumblr, then up various temp exxposed sites, and currently exposedpassion.com I started slowing posting as a form of photo therapy as didnt really like myself. It...
  2. SubBoy29349

    Blackmail me into giving into my urges?

    Hi, I am a 26 year old bisexual man. I’ve had many homosexual experiences in the past but am having a hard time getting back into it. I really want to but I chicken out at the last minute. I write this looking to see if there is somebody who is into blackmail, like I am, and would like to...
  3. D

    21 year old gay boy who’s into naked embarrassment and exposure.. I like being humiliated naked

    Hey I’m a faggot and a loser, I’m also a twink… I get so horny when I’m humiliated naked for men I just wanna message each other somewhere or video chat.. and I don’t wanna see you naked at all.. and I don’t want you getting horny for me My kink is all about me getting butt naked for guys and...
  4. Panty Perv

    Panty boi on Kik

    On Kik now.. lil d panty boy here. LOVE exposure, panties, instruction, humiliation, degradation!!! .. let me know ur KiK name and I’ll message. Will be playing all night!
  5. N

    KIK 33 M Sub Straight Guy

    Hi, I am looking to feel dirty and exposed. If you have any ideas to get my heart racing feel free to message me. Also KIK: JayBeeDee101
  6. D

    20yo, im a gay twink whos into naked exposure, i wanna be bullied by guys

    Im into naked embarrassment and exposure... pretty much i just like being naked for clothed guys, I like looking redicilous for guys and i love it when they laugh and make fun and take pictures of me.. just clowning on me for hours I dont want any sexual tension between us.. and i dont like...
  7. M

    Looking for male slave for a different kind of showoff.

    Hello, I want to preface this by saying I am a male anonymous dom. You will never see me or hear my voice, so do not ask. I am also not willing to pretend to be female so if you message me calling me mistress or anything like that you WILL be ignored. I am looking to have fun with a different...
  8. Mosthated0991

    Naked Exposure Telegram Group

    Once again, Sonny has lost an exposure bet, and once again, his nude photos and videos are available for anyone who stumbles across them in this channel: https://t.me/sonnyklippnude If you download and post them elsewhere, please make sure to send links and screenshots as proof, here...
  9. U

    112 hours of 24/7 obedience

    43m married slave, Available any time, all the time for the next 5 days, looking to get used, anybody welcome, no limits other than findom and things I can't hide from my wife. ;) Kinks are too varied to list, some favorites are bodywriting, blackmail, exposure, degrading/humiliating pics and...
  10. D

    Bisexual Female Submissive Barnaul 22 Skinny sissy fag want to be exposed

    My telegram is cuck331 Kik is deltasex1 I'm 22, male, bisexual 179cm/50kg, dick 15 I'm a very shy boy, but obedient) I want to be sissy slut and fag I also masturbate to my mom... I found nude pictures of her on her phone I can show myself naked and my passport And I give any information about me
  11. M

    I want to be exposed

    I want to be exposed online full nude with face. Maybe eventually stepping it up a bit as we gain trust. I am a straight white male, but am curious and willing to be exposed by any gender. I am not a sissy and am not submissive. I get off to knowing I am being seen naked and that others might...
  12. D

    Gay boy wants to be exposed on social media and laughed at

    I need a man who a total douche bag to make me send nudes with my fag face then laugh at me make lots of make tell me how your exposing me online and even to your friends... Make me feel stupid.... I'm a skinny Latino Twink light skinned.. Snapchat is gayboy644 Kik is daniola297 Telegram is...
  13. kiki20011

    Slave looking for exposure

    Slave 22 looking for master/mistress to expose. kik is subNiki2001
  14. M

    Kik blackmail group for submissive males

    This is not my original idea, credits go to dumbhell. I am starting a new blackmail group on kik for males. I will post a picture task or an info question regularly and every sub has to complete the task or share the requested info to the group within 24 hours. Every sub who fails, will be...
  15. blplish

    exposure (of myself)

    as per a task, here are new photos. you can request things for me to write on myself.
  16. MasterXXX

    Slave Fags and Masters Here!

    Comment down if you are slave or master so it will be easier to fins and drop your socials if you want them to connect with you.
  17. J

    Please read. 19 yo dom (F) seeking specific subs

    Probably be banned for something like this but I’m looking for subs who are either willing to be exposed and caught by people they live with (family, flat mates, etc.) or subs who know someone else they can do tasks along side irl. If you’re interested, send a face pic and an introduction which...
  18. M

    Airport Security Private Search

    You are travelling through an airport (if you are carrying contraband make sure its hidden well 😉) Oh dear... you have been selected for a full body search! You must comply with the Searching Officer's demands completely (including providing pictures and videos) If the Officer finds anything...
  19. K

    Need Someone for Exposure/Blackmail/Exhibitionist Dare.

    I will be the one doing it but im down to do it with you too. It is a dice dare and kinda pretty risky. Reply or PM with your kik or contact info Kik: Karmahh__
  20. E

    New to exposure

    30 f wanting to be exposed. Scares me but makes me wet. I have uploaded some pics to another site but not sure how this works. I can prove i am genuine. Thanks x